"All of my work is hand made with 100% sheep wool. The magical process of making the fibers is that each piece is elaborated one by one, which is reflected in the unique kind result."

Inês Schertel

About me
I graduated from UFRGS with a degree in Architecture and I have always been involved with plastic arts, watercolor painting, lithography, design, graphic arts, and artistic concepts and direction. I like to relate myself to many creative processes. In my husband’s, Neco Schertel, herd of sheep in São Francisco de Paula, RS, I saw huge potential in the sheep's wool which was sheared annually.

I want to revitalize the ancient technique of making carpets, which originated from the nomadic tribes of China, Iran, and Afghanistan, by working with our sheep wool by hand. I propose using knowledge from the past to produce real, pure, 100% natural carpets.

The carpets are not made as textiles in a loom, but, instead, are felted through the friction of the wool fibers. With this friction, as well as water and soap, the wool fibers contract enough to produce a magical result; the fabric (the first kind of textile made by man more than 6,000 years ago, even before the loom).

This method is thorough, and the passion, enables one to pay homage to tradition, while creating something new and contemporary. In this creative process, each piece is made one by one, resulting in unique pieces.

The region of Campos de Cima da Serra, the herd of sheep, and the native evergreen woods inspire me.
(São Francisco de Paula - RS - Brasil)

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